Wiltshire Scrapstore PlayPods

The Scrapstore PlayPod® is a process that transforms play at school lunchtimes enabling:

The Scrapstore PlayPod is based on the Theory of Loose Parts. The theory advocates that the more loose elements in a play space that a child can pick up, move and manipulate the more playful interaction they can achieve. So if children have access to a range of materials which have no defined purpose, they will access a wider range of play types and be more inventive in the ways, and in what, they play.

Scrapstore PlayPod is a programme designed to change the culture of play at lunchtimes across the whole school. It involves training and mentoring of your lunch time staff in play, awareness meetings with the school community, a purpose built Scrapstore PlayPod, six scrap deliveries per year and membership to the Wiltshire Scrapstore.

If you are interested in the Scrapstore playpod for your school, we would firstly come out and meet with your head teacher to discuss your school needs and how we can meet them. Then we would be able to give you an accurate cost for your school.

Should you decide to go ahead we would arrange for one of our trainers to come out and meet you and set dates for the training and the build of your PlayPod. Before the PlayPod opens we would have a series of awareness meetings with the school community so that everybody knows what is happening. This includes your children (obviously), your parents, staff and governors.

Training for your lunchtime staff in play is an endorsed Level 2 course. This covers areas including, the value of play, positive interventions and risk management over four two and a half hour sessions.

When your Scrapstore PlayPod opens, your staff will be joined in the playground by two Playwork Mentors. Their role is to support your staff in putting into practice in the playground what they have learnt during the training. The Playwork mentors are there every Lunchtime for the first week, three the following week and then two. Then they leave your staff for a week, to see how they manage on their own, before they come back the week after to check they are completely confident managing lunchtime on their own.

Throughout the process the trainer will be in regular contact and will meet for a midpoint review (usually during the fourth week after opening when the Playwork Mentors are not there). An Exit Interview (after the Playwork mentors have left) to check everyone is happy and everything implemented is sustainable ensuring you are fully supported throughout the process.